Beauty Dysmorphia: The Ugly Truth

liposuction surgery Melbourne - Beauty Dysmorphia

When do insecurities become full-fledged medical conditions? When it comes to beauty, the harshest critic one can have is his or herself. This is the foundation of beauty dysmorphia, or the delusion that one is ugly, even though it is far from the truth. Those who suffer from this often go to plastic surgeons to create the illusion that they are simply making their appearance better when it’s just actually messing up their perception of their physical image. Among the surgeons they go to specialise in rhinoplasty, botox injections, and one of the most popular is liposuction Surgeons in Melbourne.

What is it?

Beauty dysmorphia is a real condition. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America or ADAA, it is when a person refuses the believe that they look fine and unacceptable and the only things that are visible to their eyes are their imperfections or flaws. Although this may sound normal as a description, those who suffer from it has this mindset as their default. Their eagle eye for flaws becomes heightened to the point that this might be the only thing they see when they look at the mirror.

The link to plastic surgery

As mentioned, cosmetic surgery is popular for those with beauty dysmorphic disorder or BDD. However, this does not guarantee that whatever they see will be changed, as these serve as merely a temporary fix to whatever they feel and think. Liposuction surgery in Melbourne – with the procedure being prevalent and easily accessible in many clinics across the country, is just one of the many procedures that BDD patients avail of. To put this into context, for a person with BDD, the tiniest flab on their tummy will bother them for the entire day, and they will think of ways of trying to get rid of it. This is where plastic surgery comes to the picture of a person with beauty dysmorphia.

For those who are concerned that a friend or even him or herself is suffering from this condition, here are some of the symptoms. Just the mere fact that a person is seeking surgery constantly like liposuction surgery in Melbourne is already a huge indicator of beauty dysmorphia. Another symptom is when a person is constantly comparing his or her looks to another. If a person is also doing too much grooming and exercising, that could also mean that they are facing some serious body image issues.

Seeking assistance

While this condition doesn’t seem too serious for normal folks, BDD is something that needs to be taken seriously for it to avoid it getting bigger and worse. For a person who thinks that he or she is suffering from beauty dysmorphia, it is important to seek assistance from a medical professional and make sure that they are surrounded by a solid support system. Treatments like liposuction surgery in Melbourne might help a little bit, but there’s nothing like actual treatment of the mindset, which is more of a killer than one would typically think.