Corporate Fitness Programs- Fight Addiction and Promote Good Health

It’s easy for exercise to fall to the bottom of priority list in the face of a hectic work schedule and family responsibilities. The result is more than 75 percent of adults fall under the obese category, which is one of the major causes of several chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, metabolic disorders etc.
When to comes to achieving physical and mental health, there is no alternative to exercise. Regular exercise regime promotes healthy functioning of all body organs, improves your stamina and endurance, reduces the risks of several chronic diseases, boosts immunity and prevents osteoporosis, metabolic diseases etc. It also promotes mental and emotional well being. Exercise releases endorphins, which make people happier and happy people produce more. People who are fit, healthy and mentally happy are less stressed, concentrate better and are satisfied with their job and life.

Bad health and addiction go hand in hand

Did you know being physically active can affect how good you feel? It also can affect how well you do your tasks, and even how pleasant you are to be around. It helps you gain control over your mind so that you can make right choices in your life.

On the other hand, physically inactive people stay unhappy and discouraged most of the time. This is more likely to affect their decisions regarding food choices, habits etc. They can easily succumb to various types of addictions- whether it is food addiction, smoking or other bad habits.

Integrating corporate fitness plans with good health

Corporate fitness plans offer a regular fitness platform for employees to maintain their fitness levels. It gives flexibility to employees to carry out their exercise regime in their work place. Most people are reluctant to get involved in physical activity on their own. You’re far more likely to get derailed if you are faced with time constraints, work stress, office deadlines, family commitments etc.

These programs offer an opportunity to practice yoga or take lunchtime walks with others. They offer a convenient and flexible way to take out time from your busy schedule. This serves as a great source of motivation and encouragement for employees. By providing a fitness program to their employees, companies can gain an affordable edge over the competition. Improved employee productivity can have a considerable impact on an organization and its profitability.

Fight addiction with corporate fitness programs

Corporate fitness programs is a wider term that includes a variety of elements, such as educational forums, exercise activities, preventive screenings, diet and nutrient counseling and de-addiction counseling. They offer customized one-on-one sessions to help employees fight their addictions. These de-addiction programs help the person identify the culprit so that he can take necessary steps to stop. They help in creating a more positive emotional demeanor, which helps the employees in making healthy habits in life. These corporate fitness plans offer a positive peer pressure, which significantly help in making behavioral changes. By providing group wellness plans, they create an atmosphere of support and action, which help in making tough decisions.