Gambling Not the Only Way to Lose Money Fast

Basically, humans get addicted to certain things. Sometimes, this addiction presents undesirable consequences, not only in our health, but also in our relationships and other aspects of life. More often than not, all kinds of addiction result in heavy financial costs. In fact, gambling is not the only way to lose money fast. Even sexual addiction can lead to serious financial issues.

Gambling Not the Only Way to Lose Money Fast

Contrary to most people think, sexual addiction does not come free. Every addiction has a price. For instance, porn addicts invest a lot of time and effort in streaming adult films just to satiate his/her porn cravings. This person also spends money in paying registration fees in viewing premium porn flicks and/or in having cam sessions with cam girls.

Like any addicts, sexually addicted people are not aware of how much money they squander on their addiction. Why is that? The answer is very simple. They don’t want to ruin the fantasy. All addicts fool themselves regarding the true price of their dependence and compulsion.

In an article published by The Telegraph, a man’s addiction to porn and escorts cost him thousands of pounds. This does not come as a surprise as ten percent of porn addicts usually end up paying for the actual experience. This man is no different. According to the article, he had already spent £45,000 for private sessions with 900 girls.

Facing Sexual Addiction

Most people who got addicted to sex end up incurring piles of debts. The financial stress also caused them depression. As a matter of fact, studies show that 17 percent of sex addicts end up killing themselves. It is the only way they see in getting out of this mess.

Treating sex addiction does not come cheap. Sex addiction treatment programs cost between $35,000 to $40,000 per month. This makes sex addiction a big and financially rewarding business. The media attention from celebrities seeking treatment from sex addiction therapists further adds price on the practice.

Aside from the financial burden, sex addiction can cost you your loved ones. If you believe you have a great dependence on sex, or you know someone who does, you should act on it now.